Strip Door Installation Guides

Do you need to know how to install your strip door?  Look no further!  Below are installation instructions for the various types of strip doors sold on Strip Door Installation Instructions

Hang your strip door like a professional! These are standard installation instructions for wall mounted or jamb mounted strip doors, including diagrams for the correct amount of strip overlap based on 6” to 16” strips.

Accordion Strip Doors Installation Instructions
Have an accordion folding strip door to install? These instructions go over how to properly install an accordion strip door.

Standoff Mount Strip Door Installation Instructions
Standoff mounted strip doors stand away from the doorway opening, usually around an existing door track.

Snap Strip Personnel Strip Doors Installation Instructions
The Snap Strip Personnel Strip Door is simple and easy to install. It’s so easy you won’t need more than this single page strip door installation guide.

Slide Mount Strip Door Installation Instructions
Sliding strip doors use more wall space than wall or jamb mounted strip doors, but they have the advantage of clearing completely from the doorway opening. This installation guide takes you through the steps to install a Slide Mount Strip Door.

J-Hook Mount Strip Door Installation Instructions

The J-Hook mounting bracket is a very easy mounting solution for both surface and in-jamb strip door applications.

J-Hook Strip Door Kit Information Sheet