Ready to turn your bulk roll material into a strip door? Follow the instructions below on how to cut and punch your own strips to fit your strip doors. With the handy PVC Strip Template and other cutting tools, you'll be cutting your own strip door materials and saving even more money in no time.

Tools You Will Need:

  • PVC Strip Template - included with every bulk roll order
  • Utility Knife - included with bulk roll orders over $100.00
  • Mallet and Punch

Remember to always wear safety glasses and protective gloves when cutting and punching strips!


Using the PVC Strip Template, you can easily create professional quality strips for your strip doors. Whether you are working with 6", 8", 12" or 16" wide strips, the template will show you where to punch your strips so that it properly lines up with your hardware. The PVC Strip Template comes free with every bulk roll purchase so you can confidently measure and cut each strip.

Strip door template

Auto-lock Cutter


The next step is to roll out the bulk vinyl material and cut it to the correct length. Measure your strip to the desired length, and cut it with a heavy-duty cutter or utility knife. offers the OLFA NL-AL Heavy Duty Auto-Lock Cutter, featuring an auto-lock slide and a lifetime guarantee from OLFA. This tool comes free with all bulk roll orders over $100.00.

Note: Remember to cut each strip an extra inch or two longer. Strips usually shrink slightly, so add in a little extra length to make sure your strip door opening height is covered.


Line up the PVC strip with the Template, so you know exactly where to punch your strips. Use the Mallet and Punch to create the mounting holes and the top of the strips. offers both a Mallet and a Hollow Punch and Handle with a replaceable punch. These and other cutting tools are available on!

Punch and Mallet