Strip Door Material Guide

When looking for a strip door, it's important to consider the type of material the strips are made of. With the right material, your strip door can help improve efficiency and workflow and reduce the costs of temperature control.

At, we have over 15 different styles of strip in a variety of different sizes, the largest selection of vinyl strip materials on the web. Check out our vast selection below, and click on the links to learn more about each type of strip.

Standard Smooth - This is the clearest type of strip, making it great for a variety of custom applications both indoors and outdoors where temperatures range from 0° F and +150° F. For strip door applications, Standard Smooth PVC provides separation between environments without restricting visibility. It is most often used for pedestrian and light fork lift traffic, where the strip will not be easily damaged or scratched.

Standard PVC Strip

Standard Ribbed - This clear strip has raised ribs on both sides, which helps to prevent wear on the smooth part of the strip and increases strip lifespan. The ribs also add an additional layer of insulation for better temperature control in environments that range from 0° F and +150° F. For strip door applications, Standard Ribbed PVC is mostly used in areas with heavy forklift and other machinery traffic.

Standard Ribbed PVC Strip

Low Temp Smooth - This smooth strip is ideal for restaurants, food service and food storage applications where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic and temperatures dip to -20°F. It helps contain the conditioned air found in a walk-in freezer cold without restricting workflow.

Low Temp PVC Strip

Low Temp Ribbed - This strip has raised ribs, similar to the Standard Ribbed material. These ribs prevent wear on the strip and are great for heavier traffic. They also provide a tighter seal than the smooth strips, adding more insulation and increasing energy savings in environments where temperatures drop down to -20°F.

Low Temp Ribbed PVC Strip

Low Temp Reinforced - This strip includes nylon string reinforcements that allow the strip to resist elongation and provides added strength in temperatures as low as -20°F.

Low Temp Reinforced PVC Strip

Extra Low Temp - Perfect for the coldest environments, Extra Low Temp vinyl strips are designed for temperatures down to -40°F.

Extra Low Temp PVC Strip

Weld Screen  - This vinyl material is designed to protect workers from welding hazards by blocking UV rays and providing a barrier against sparks. A weld screen PVC strip curtain is a great way to section off a space for welding. It is designed for indoor applications where temperatures are between 0° F and +150° F. Weld Screen PVC is available in 2 colors: Amber and Red.

Weld Screen PVC Strip

Orange Safety - These strips are most often used as the outermost strips of a strip door to highlight the doorway edges. This helps equipment operators identify the doorway, so they can more safely pass through, reducing damage to machinery and doorways. Use this strip indoors and outdoors between 0° F and +150° F. Orange Safety PVC is available in Smooth and Ribbed styles.

Orange Safety PVC Strip

Colored and Tinted - This material is used to increase privacy and security by reducing or preventing light from passing through the strip. These strips are often used on conveyor belts or to restrict the view of an area while maintaining workflow. Colored and Tinted PVC is available in 4 different colors: Black, Smoke, Blue and White.

Colored and Tinted PVC Strip

Anti-Static - This strip material is specially formulated to reduce static charge. It is ideal for situations where static build-up is an issue, often in areas where sensitive electronic equipment could be damaged. Anti-Static strip is a great choice for data centers, clean rooms and areas with flammable materials. Use Anti-Static PVC indoors where temperatures range between 0° F and +150° F.

Anti-Static PVC Strip

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