Low Temperature PVC

Low Temperature PVC strip material is essential for controlling temperatures between differing environments in low temperature applications, including walk-in coolers and freezers, cold-weather outdoor applications, and cold storage separation and division.

Low Temperature PVC strip is perfect for low temperature strip doors, such as those found in walk-in freezers; low temperature PVC strip doors reduce energy loss – and associated energy costs – without inhibiting workflow between differing temperature zones.

In freezing conditions as low as -20°F, Low Temperature PVC is designed to stay flexible.  Have an application in mind that requires flexibility at even lower temperatures?  PVCStrip.com’s Extra Low Temperature PVC material is made for extreme cold environments and conditions as cold as -40°F.

 PVCStrip.com offers a variety of low temperature PVC bulk rolls, including smooth, ribbed, and reinforced.  Click on the products below to learn more about each type of low temperature PVC strip material.