Frequently Asked Questions

Are there benefits to registering with

Yes, registering will allow you to login on future visits. If you have made previous purchases, you will be able to review previous purchases and place a quick re-order. You will need to register before checking out the first time.

Why should I bother to log in? will identify you by your login name and will recall the billing and shipping information from previous orders as well as your order history. Your login must be an e-mail address. Order confirmations will be sent to that address, so be sure to give us an address you commonly use. Your password should be made up of a series of letters and numbers that would be difficult to guess.

Can I fax in my order?

Yes! Simply download our fax order form, complete it, and fax it to 1-888-303-8514.

How do I return an item?

If there is a problem with an order, please contact immediately via email, [email protected], or by phone at 1-888-303-8515.

Cut to length products such as doors and replacement strips are not resalable and cannot be returned.

How can I contact

If you have an application question, need a special product, have a question about an order, or want to return a product, you can call us toll free at 1-888-303-8515, by email at [email protected], or through our online contact us form.

How do I buy products from is an online warehouse. A shopping cart is provided for you to place the items that you want to buy, or for items that you need to make a decision about buying. The shopping cart will accumulate the products you select along with their cost. You can update quantities in the shopping cart or remove items entirely. After you change the quantity or number of items in your cart, click on the "Update Cart" button to have the cart re-calculate your total. You can continue shopping or begin the check out process at any time.

We also can process faxed orders. Simply download our fax order form, complete it, and fax it to 1-888-303-8514.

What if I am tax exempt?

If you are tax exempt there is a prompt in the shopping cart to fill out a form to receive our instructions on documenting your sales tax exemption status. (You can fill out that form here.) You can place your order now and we will credit you for any sales tax charged. Once we receive your documentation, we will mark your account to exclude sales tax on future orders with

All sales will be subject to appropriate sales taxes.

How do I check out?

Click on the "Check Out" button in the shopping cart. It will then prompt you to register, or login if you haven't already. Select the ship-to address or enter a new one. Select your payment method from the stored information or enter new payment information. A summary of your order will be presented to you. Click the "Confirm Order" button and your order has been entered. You will receive an e-mail confirmation that your order has been received.

How do I know my order has been received by

When an order has been processed, you will receive a confirming e-mail from If you do not receive a confirming e-mail your order has not been received and must be re-entered. In some instances, an order that has not been processed may appear in the Previous Order area of the shopping cart. If you do not receive a confirming e-mail, the order has not been received by 

When will my order ship?

Orders for PVC strip bulk rolls normally ship within 2-3 business days of order placement. Complete doors, replacement strips, and hardware usually ship within 4-5 business days from order receipt. Orders that include Stand-off Mount hardware may ship in two or more pieces. Accordion Fold Strip Doors may have longer leadtimes than regular strip doors. Please call us if you have time constraints.

 How will my order ship?

Orders with a shipping weight of less than 150 lbs. will ship UPS Ground. Orders over 150 lbs will automatically ship LTL (Less than Truckload) common carrier. The shopping cart automatically calculates freight charges based on the weight and shipping method and adds the freight charges to your order. However, orders shipping LTL that are residential, have no receiving dock or forklift available to unload the product, will have an additional $50 charge because carriers will have to offload the product to a smaller truck with a liftgate in order to deliver – this is their fee for this service.

 How does the online shopping cart handle the credit card authorization process?

The shopping cart communicates with a credit cart authorization service company that validates the information you entered into the shopping cart. All of the credit card authorization communication to and from the site is encrypted for security purposes. If any of the information you enter does not match the validation information, the charge authorization will be denied. Common errors include using a bill-to address that is different from the address on the credit card statement, entering the incorrect type of credit card, and entering an incorrect expiration date or security number

What does the temperature range really mean?

The temperature ranges that we include on this site are intentionally conservative. We suggest you use Low-Temp strip at or above -20°F, and all other strip on this site at or above 0°F, including Standard. Some suppliers quote temperature ranges that are based on controlled laboratory tests, not actual use. Our goal is to promote the use of the correct kind of strip in each application. Buyers should recognize that PVC strip might break when placed in applications that combine low temperature and impact. The impact may be the result of motorized traffic, wind, or other forces. As a result, it is better to select a strip material with a margin of safety in its temperature range.

For more information on Temperature Ranges, check out our Strip Door Guides !