PVCStrip.com is your best resource when it comes to learning everything there is to know about flexible PVC strip doors. Below, you will find information on every aspect of a strip door, from choosing a strip size and material to learning how to cut and install strips on your strip door.

A strip door (also called a strip curtain) consists of overlapping PVC plastic strips that hang down from a doorway. They are an ideal way to separate spaces without having to constantly open and close a solid door. This improves workflow, reduces energy costs and protects against environmental conditions such as noise, dust and wind. Strip curtains are used in a wide range of industries and have dozens of applications, such as loading docks, warehouses, walk-in freezers, clean rooms, and more.

  • Strip Door Materials - Learn all about the different types of vinyl strip available through PVCStrip.com.
  • Strip Door Size Guide - Learn about what size strip will best match your application needs.
  • Strip Door Hardware - Learn about the various types of strip door mounting hardware.
  • Make Your Own Strip Door - Once you have your roll of PVC, you'll need to know how to fit the strips for your door.
  • Installation Instructions - You're almost ready to complete your strip door. Follow these instructions on how to properly install your door.
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Complete PVC Strip Curtain Door Kits

PVCStrip.com also offers ready-to-hang strip door kits for easy installation. Every complete strip door kit includes:

  • The correct number of vinyl strips with 3/8" diameter holes on 2" centers.
  • The necessary length of mounting hardware with steel retainer bars and kep-nuts for the strip curtain width selected. There are no clumsy, loose mounting bolts that require 3 hands to install!
  • Installation instructions that show exactly how to hang the strips.