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Strip Doors

Strip doors and curtains are an easy, affordable way to maintain environmental separation within your workplace while maximizing productivity. From warehouses to cold storage facilities, these doors can enhance workflow, reduce energy costs and streamline operations.

Strip Door & Strip Curtain Options offers a wide variety of PVC door and curtain material, from smooth to ribbed and insect control to low temperature. Strips come in 8, 12 and 16 inch widths. PVC industrial curtain walls can be customized to fit all types of doors, no matter the location, size or style. Every strip door sold on comes complete with strips, hardware and easy-to-follow instructions to ensure that your door can start providing benefits within minutes. PVC curtains are also available on and can be easily installed to provide warehouse partitions, weld screen divisions, privacy units or any other application where you need quick, effective and affordable separation.

Both doors and industrial curtain walls are available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. All strips are punched with holes at 2 inch centers that can be mounted above the door or in the door jamb itself. Stand-off hardware can also be ordered if your door must be mounted around an existing overhead garage door. The heavy-duty, galvanized steel mounting hardware will ensure the sturdiness and durability of your strip door. Additionally, they provide separation from noise, wind, odor, insects and any other elements you’d rather keep at bay. For more information, please call 888-303-8515 or contact us.

Strip Door Hardware Options

Hardware comes in different sizes. If we don’t have a solid piece of the width you ordered, we will send you a combination to arrive at your total feet. If you need the hardware to be a single solid piece for a door kit or when ordering just hardware, simply give us a call or write it in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions About Strip Doors

What is a strip door?

Strip doors are an ideal way to cover a doorway or opening while retaining ease of traffic between two areas. The doors can be either translucent or opaque, allowing you to regulate visibility. We also offer a variety of colors. Strip doors help you save money by regulating temperature between two distinct areas (such as a warehouse and an exterior space).

Can I build my own strip door?

Yes! They are fully customizable for your needs. Just visit our Build Your Own Strip Door page and select from a variety of strip types, strip sizes, and strip door mounting options.

What is a strip door made of?

They are made of polyvinyl chloride and contain ultra-violet (UV) stabilizers and fire resistant additives that make them more durable and longer lasting. Strip doors come in a variety of colors and designs for a wide range of implementations. We also have strip doors for low-temperature applications.

What are ribbed strips?

Ribbed strips are designed to reduce drag on loads and discourage strips from sticking together. The raised ribs cause the equipment moving through the strip door to impact the rib first instead of the smooth flat surface of smooth strip. This keeps the vision area on the ribbed strip door clearer longer, resulting in increased visibility through the strip door over time.

What is the temperature range for a strip door?

Our standard strip door is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications between 0 F and 150 F. Our low-temperature strip door is appropriate for temperatures down to -20 F. Low-temperature doors are also known as polar grade, cooler grade, or freezer grade.

Where can I use a strip door?

Each strip door  is able to be installed practically anywhere. They can be used on any doorway or opening up to 100 feet wide and 16 feet tall. We also have smaller versions for regular personnel door openings. In addition we have low-temperature strip door options for use in coolers and freezers as well as other designs for a variety of specialty applications.

Can I replace just one strip?

Absolutely, we offer a full range of replacement strips. We also offer no-cut options in our Quick-Split Replacement strips. These replacement strips make it simple to repair any damaged strip doors.

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