Snap Strip Cooler Door Kit

  • Snap Strip Cooler Door Kit
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  • Snap Strip Cooler Door Kit
  • Snap Strip Cooler Door Kit
  • Snap Strip Cooler Door Kit
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Cooler Strip Door Applications

One of the most practical applications for strip doors is the separation of areas with significant temperature differences, such as walk-in coolers or freezers. Strip doors offer an effective means to control these environments by holding the cold in air, stopping the warm air from entering the cooler and reducing compressor running times thereby saving energy. The doors comply with Energy and Security Act of 2007 requiring strip doors on all newly manufactured walk-in coolers and freezers.

Strip Door Hardware For Coolers

Our cooler door hardware is easy to install and easy to replace strips. It is made of 100% food grade approved polypropylene hardware. It is high-impact and non-corrosive.

Strip door hardware comes in different sizes, if we don’t have a solid piece of the width you ordered, we will send you a combination to arrive at your total feet. If you need the hardware to be a single solid piece for a door kit or when ordering just hardware, simply give us a call or write it in the comments section.

Durable PVC Strip Doors for Coolers

The vinyl strip doors used to provide climate control in walk-in coolers are infused with additives that make the PVC capable of withstanding colder environments without breaking or becoming brittle due to the cold. The PVC strip curtain used in coolers is known as Low-Temp, polar grade, refrigeration grade or USDA accepted PVC. Along with being more durable in colder environments, the Low-Temp PVC available at is accepted by the USDA for incidental food contact and can help streamline the operations of restaurants and food service industries where traffic in and out of the cooler is constant. Low-Temp PVC strip curtains and PVC strip doors will remain flexible in temperature ranging from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to +140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cooler strips and strip curtains fit all standard size walk in coolers and freezers and are manufactured from 8 inch wide Low-Temp smooth PVC. The entire mounting system, from PVC strips to hardware, is all USDA accepted. Additionally, Low-Temp reinforced PVC is available at The reinforced material is infused with nylon string to enhance durability and improve performance in the coldest environments. Low-Temp PVC strip doors also provide significant energy savings as the strips prevent air infiltration that occurs when a regular cooler or freezer door is constantly used or simply left open so that work flow is not hindered. Recent federal regulation established that all walk-in coolers manufactured after January 1, 2009 and meeting certain requirements must have doors in place that provide temperature separation and help conserve energy. For more information on PVC strip doors for walk in coolers, please call 888-303-8515 or contact us.


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