Low Temp Accordion Fold Strip Door Kit

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Product Description:

The Low Temperature Accordion Strip Door Kit is a combination of our Accordion Fold Strip Door hardware and Low Temperature PVC material. The Accordion Fold Strip Door allows for 12" Low Temperature PVC strips and has an overlap of 66% - allowing for the maximum coverage and usability. The door is opened and closed smoothly, due to steel "trolley wheels" and the strips stay in place with a retaining bar. The door is opened and closed manually with a pull rope, and also available with one-sided sliding hardware or bi-parting sliding hardware.

The Low Temp Accordion Fold Strip Door mounts directly on the wall, within the door jamb or can also be mounted from an overhead bracket around an existing door. The Low Temperature pvc stays flexible and resists damage under normal conditions within low temps. They are ideal in applications where temps range from -20°F to +140°F, both internal and external.