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Armor-Bond Strip Doors are the toughest in the industry. The polyester reinforcements are RF-welded at the top of the strip, preventing it from tearing at the point where stress is the greatest. With the unique bonded bead hardware system, the entire door is able to pivot, helping to further reduce the stress at the top of the strip and extending the life of the door.

Use Armor-Bond strip doors to regulate temperatures and contain other environmental conditions, like dust, dirt, wind, and fumes. By using a strip door, you can protect employees from these adverse conditions, create better separation between two spaces, and save on energy costs. Armor-Bond is designed with a wide range of applications in mind, from large exterior openings and loading dock receiving doors to room partitions and storage area enclosures.

Strips are 0.60" thick and 12" wide.

Armorbond Lifetime* Warranty warrants their products to be free of manufacturing defects and against product failure of any kind for a period of one year from date of shipment.

This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of Armorbond strips and/or attaching hardware, and does not include damage resulting from accident or malicious use. This warranty further applies only when the recommended material thickness and width are used for the originally specified application.

*Armorbond lifetime guarantee applies to first three inches of strip where stress is the greatest and attaches to the mounting hardware. Remainder of the strip is covered by the 1-year warranty.

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