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PVC Strip Bulk Rolls

Purchasing PVC strip bulk rolls is a cost effective way to get the right material for the right job. From standard smooth clear to heavy-duty low temp ribbed rolls, carries over 60 varieties to meet a wide array of needs. Every roll available on meets or exceeds the accepted industry standards for clarity, flexibility and durability. Our PVC bulk rolls contain ultra-violet (UV) stabilizers and fire resistant additives that make them more durable and longer lasting.

Bulk Roll Options

Vinyl strip rolls are available in 6, 8, 12 and 16 inch strip widths, and PVC sheet rolls are available in 48 inch sizes. The thickness of the PVC in each roll varies from .060 of an inch up to .250 of an inch, and roll sizes range from 60 to 400 feet, depending on width and material.

The most common type of PVC is the standard smooth (clear) roll, which services a variety of applications. Clear PVC strips can be utilized in both indoor and outdoor settings where temperatures may vary from 0 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, standard smooth PVC is used in areas that handle light traffic, such as people or non-mechanized carts. For areas with more heavy-duty traffic, such as forklifts and other machinery, standard ribbed PVC rolls may be better suited.

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