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What Kind of PVC Strip Door Hardware Do I Need? makes it easier than ever to choose the right hardware for your vinyl strip door application. All hardware is fabricated from heavy gauge galvanized steel with integral flush-mounted studs for ease of installation and is available in many styles: Wall Mount, Jamb Mount, Slide Mount, Accordion Fold Mount, and Stand-off Mount. Combine multiple lengths of hardware for wider PVC strip door openings. Strip door hardware can be cut to length with a band saw or hacksaw.


Strip Door Hardware Types

Wall Mount strip door hardware is designed to be installed above the doorway on the wall. Wall mount is the most commonly used hardware type because it allows the strip door to extend past the opening so that a positive seal is achieved between the outer most strips and the wall. The hardware includes an appropriate number of retainer bars and kep-nuts to complete the installation.


Wall Mount strip door hardware

Jamb Mount is installed inside the doorframe and mounts directly to the doorjamb. Jamb mount strip door hardware is less common because it extends into the door opening and reduces the door height. The hardware includes an appropriate number of retainer bars and kep-nuts to complete the installation.


Jamb Mount strip door hardware

Universal Mount takes the best features of Wall Mount and Jamb Mount hardware. Universal Mount strip door hardware allows the hardware to be installed either inside the door jamb or on the face of the wall, and includes all necessary retainer bars and kep-nuts.



Slide Mount strip door hardware is also designed for installation above the doorway. The difference is that it is supplied with a Box Rail that extends past the opening and allows the strip door to be rolled to one or both sides of an opening. The slide mount hardware provided with a slide mount door includes the box rail, the Slide Mount Strip Door Hardware, the hangers that connect the strip door to the box rail, and box rail end caps or stops, and all necessary retainer bars and kep-nuts.


Slide Mount strip door hardware

Accordion Folding strip door hardware is designed to be used when you need the ability to slide the strips out of the way but you do not have enough free wall space to use a sliding track system. They are installed above the doorway on the wall or in the jamb, and allow the strips to fold and compress in the doorway to less than 2" per foot of width. Each Accordion Fold Strip Door kit includes accordion assemblies, box rails, connectors to mount to the wall or the jamb, two end caps, a pull rope to open and close the door, and includes all necessary retainer bars and kep-nuts.



Stand-off Mount allows for installation of a strip door for a doorway where there is an existing conventional roll-up door. The Stand-off hardware brackets are installed on either side of the roll-up door hardware. They are available in three stand-off depths 12", 18", and 24" to suit the amount of clearance required for the existing door. Doors ordered with stand-off mount hardware include strip material to cover the side of the stand-off bracket. Stand-off mount hardware includes one left-hand bracket, one right-hand bracket, and a length of with strip door mounting hardware already attached. Bolts are provided for attaching the C-channel to the brackets. Fasteners to attach the brackets to the wall are not included. The hardware includes an appropriate number of retainer bars and kep-nuts to complete the installation of PVC strip on the length of hardware ordered.

Stand-off strip door hardware can be ordered separately for any door up to 16' wide in the Hardware section. Because of the infinite number of variables, this site limits Stand-off type doors to doors that are either 8' or 12' wide with either 12" or 16" Smooth or Ribbed strip material. They can be ordered in Standard or Yellow strip. In sizing your door, allow for the Stand-off hardware to extend at least 6" beyond your roll-up door hardware on each side.


Stand-off Mount strip door hardware

Pipe Mount Hardware is a system of fittings that uses locally available galvanized 1½" ID Schedule 40 pipe (approximately 1.9" OD) to build a wide variety of PVC strip barriers and enclosures.
The system uses galvanized steel hanger clips to attach any width or kind of PVC strip to Schedule 40 pipe. Hanger clips feature studs on 2" centers that match the configuration of cut and punched strips. Three hanger clips are needed for each foot of strip. One side of the two-part clip hangs on the pipe while pre-punched strips are placed on the studs and held in place by a cover plate.

Cast fittings join cross-members and uprights to create almost any configuration of enclosure. Use wall flanges to attach barriers to vertical walls. Use ¼" thick floor plates to support uprights and to fasten barriers and enclosures to concrete floors. Fittings feature set screws to secure fittings to pipe members. Select the 8' wide x 8' wide x 8' high "L" shaped pipe mount enclosure package or design your own.


Pipe Mount strip door hardware

Press-Loc Mount lets you create your own barriers with lengths of Press-Loc fastener. One side of the fastener has industrial strength pressure sensitive adhesive to attach the fastener to the PVC strip or doorway. The other side is the unique Press-Loc interlocking surface. Press two pieces together and... voilà! Press-Loc. Order twice the length you need to have enough for both sides. This is for use on small personnel doors only.


Press-Loc Mount strip door hardware

Note on Installing Hardware: Anchors (supplied by others sources) and mounting surfaces should be strong enough and capable of supporting the weight of the complete strip door. Questions regarding the types of anchors to use can be answered by an architect or structural engineer.

Contact us if you have any questions about which PVC strip door hardware to use.

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